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This Web site is patterned after a site that was originally formed in 2000 to provide a listing of AltFriendly businesses and professionals with a Chicago-area focus. Since April, 2008, the site has had new management; we're working to expand not only the geographic area covered by the site but the variety of businesses and professions that we list as well.

AltFriendly.com is a service dedicated to providing the BDSM, fetish, GLBTQ and adult services communities with referrals to professionals and services in the medical, counseling, legal and financial fields. We also encourage non-M.D. providers in Health and Wellness fields to list here. We plan to have listings for a wide variety of professionals and businesses. We will continue to contact professionals and businesses who are aware and comfortable serving a diverse community of businesses and individuals, without judgment regarding sexual orientation and fetish.

Listing on this site does not imply the site owner's endorsement or recommendation of any of these professionals, since their inclusion on this list is done without any screening. We solicit people to list on the site, and we find potential listees in a number of ways - Each professional listed has volunteered to be available for referral to people involved in non-traditional relationships and lifestyles of all kinds, including "kinky" sexuality (leather, SM, fetish, etc.), either by contacting AltFriendly.com directly or through another organization.

This site is operated independently of other organizations and Web sites that offer similar information.

Please help us to keep our listings current. If you discover that contact information on the site is invalid, please let us know. Send us an e-mail through this page , and we will do our best to have the information corrected promptly. Please include the name of the person/business you were trying to reach and the incorrect information.

CorneliaWeb appreciates donations, in any amount, to help defray the cost of operating and maintaining this site. If you believe that the site has been of use to you, and would care to do so, please use PayPal to help support the site.

The design of the pages displayed on this Web site is ©2008-2019 by CorneliaWeb. All rights reserved. All material in the listings was supplied by, and is the property of, the person, business or practice to whom/which it refers, and should not be copied or redistributed without the permission of that entity.

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