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Welcome to the Colorado page of AltFriendly.com! We have the following groups of listings in this state

Image for Life Coaching listings.Personal Coaches
Laurie Ellington, Poly-Coach, BATelephone:(310) 993-3147
Polyamory & Open Relationship CoachingFAX:
Boulder, CO 80305E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.poly-coach.com/
Practice ScopeI am an Open Relationship and Polyamory Coach. I work with individuals and couples in all kinds of relationships. I have an emphasis on open relationships, polyamory, and ethical non-monogamy because I am experienced in the lifestyle. That said, I have no desire or intention to convert anyone to polyamory. I support people in discovering what is in true alignment for themselves. I offer tools to help people learn how to cultivate relationships that resonate with their heart and soul. Having been in numerous teaching roles and capacities for the past 20 years. I attended a two-year coaching and apprenticeship program to learn how to help people break through limiting beliefs and patterns that kept them stuck in unhealthy relationships. I work with clients all over the globe using Skype and other video formats.

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Image for Therapists listings.Listings of Psychotherapists follow this line. For listings of Sexologists, please scroll down.Psychotherapists
Grace Ballard, MA, LPCCTelephone:(720) 507-8071
Grace Ballard CounselingFAX:
425 S. Cherry Street, Ste. 630
Denver, CO 80246E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.graceballard.com
Practice ScopeI know that in navigating the world as a queer person, it can be challenging to find the right fit in a therapist. Whether you identify as non-binary, trans, genderfluid or anywhere on the spectrum of non-heteronormativity, it's critical to talk with someone who gets it. When it's time to further explore a facet of your identity, sexuality or relationship, you can feel safe expressing yourself with me as you are, without your therapist assigning your struggles to your lifestyle or identity. I counsel sex workers, individuals in polyamorous or other multi-partner relationships, and participants in kink or BDSM lifestyles. When you walk into my office, you can rest assured that you will be met with compassion and non-judgement. (License # LPCC.0015262)

Sarah Eisenbud, MA, NCC, LPCCTelephone:(720) 626-1032
Denver Narrative Therapy ProjectFAX:
City Park
Denver, CO 80218E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.denvernarrativetherapy.com
Practice ScopeI specialize in a type of therapy that believes your problem is not who you are. The issue lives in the world, not in you. In narrative therapy we put your problem in front of us, then step back and examine it. Looking at the problem as separate from you brings clarity. Your perspective changes; you experience yourself in new ways. This stance empowers the worldview of each individual. It allows you to reclaim authorship of your life outside the boundaries of the dominant culture. I have experience and focus on working in the transgender, queer, poly and BDSM/kink communities.

PT Gross, MSCTelephone:(719) 354-1967
4Square CounselingFAX:
Southern Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO 80911E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.4squarecounseling.com
Practice ScopeSpecializing in LGBT, Polyamorous Families, Pagan, Military, and Marriage and Family Therapy, 4Square Counseling is here to help you on your journey, wherever that journey leads you. We want to see you succeed and will help you get there by finding the answers you already have. A strong foundation begins with you. We want to help you build from that foundation and create the best you that you can be. Without you there can be no foundation. Let us help you build you.

Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPCTelephone:(719) 313-8490
The Bohemian SanctuaryFAX:(888) 347-5048
2207 West Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.thebohemiansanctuary.com/
Practice ScopeI specialize in "psychotherapy for the unconventional." This would include, but is not limited to, those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, poly, kink, pagan, mystical... If you want to be sure you will not be judged for who you are, let's talk. I specialize in working with transgender, gender diverse, and gender questioning clients. See more at darahoffmanfox.com, where you'll find articles and videos. Also follow me on Facebook under "Conversations with a Gender Therapist", as well as on YouTube.

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Jaxx Ariel Alutalica, MA PhD Stu. NCC LMFTTelephone:(303) 941-2847
Entwine TherapyFAX:
Capitol Hill
Denver, CO 80206E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.entwinetherapy.com
Practice ScopeI specialize in working with Gender, Sexuality, and Sex therapy with individuals, relationships, and families. Entwine Therapy is founded on the idea that all aspects of our lives are connected. When we are stunted or limited in one space of life, we cannot truly express ourselves in the other places, hindering us from being the most authentic version of ourselves. Equally, finding full expression and growth in challenging areas of life creates a network of personal development in other avenues. At Entwine Therapy, I focus on facilitating growth for individuals and relationships so they can gain a greater sense of equilibrium and excellence in their lives. I am dedicated to helping you build strong relationships with yourself and others, and healing fractures in healthy development that hinder achieving your own excellence. (License # LMFT 0001486)

Tammy Bruski, MS, LPCTelephone:(720) 412-9648
NOS Counseling, LLCFAX:
1776 S. Jackson St. Suite 704
Denver, CO 80210E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.noscounseling.org
Practice ScopePsychotherapist and 'non-touch' sex therapist in private practice, specializing in individual and relationship counseling. In relationship work, I address issues such as intimacy, trust, communication, conflict resolution, personality preferences, sexual disorders, and alternative lifestyles. In individual work, I focus on personal meaning, anxiety, depression/bipolar disorder, ADHD, emotional pain, self-defeating patterns, healthy relationships with others, and sexuality. I specialize in working with adults who live in alternative lifestyles, including polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy, kink and BDSM, and sex work. I support individuals with all forms of sexual orientation and gender identity, both LGBTQIA and heterosexual. Fees: $150/50 min session (individual) and $230/80 min session (individual/relationships). (License # LPC.0012813)

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