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Image for Life Coaching listings.Executive Coaches
Sarah MinerTelephone:(408) 821-4120
Portland, OR E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.skminer.com
Practice ScopeSpecializing in transformational coaching, Sarah focuses on helping other GenX professionals navigate midlife and professional crises. Sarah's clients include doctoral candidates, health care practitioners, executives, lawyers, stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, athletes, and teens. A highly trained coach and graduate of Coach University, she empowers business owners, corporate leaders, and service professionals to strategically position themselves for career growth. She has national nonprofit management experience, corporate HR and professional training at a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, and was mentored for several years by a master executive and organizational development coach.

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Image for Real Estate/Insurance listings.Real Estate - Sales/Rentals
Christy Walton, REALTORTelephone:(503) 793-3345
RE/MAX SelectFAX:(320) 205-1628
I work all over the Portland Metro!
Portland, OR 97209E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.goodnightchristy.com
Practice ScopeIf home is where you hang your submissive; you should have the perfect home for your suspension! I am a licensed real estate broker qualified to assist you with your unique lodging needs. Contact me when you need to buy or sell your home, condo, or oubliette. No need to speak in code or try to be discreet when you weight test the rafters! I've seen it all, am (mostly) unshockable, have spent my fair share of time wearing rope, and have an unstoppable network of professionals on my team to facilitate your relocation. Real estate deals often bring hassle and may be the biggest financial decision you will ever make. My goal is to provide a pleasant, positive, and stress-free transaction for you. Please feel comfortable bringing me your unconventional wants and needs so I can find you the perfect home to set up your spanking bench.

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Image for Therapists listings.Listings of Other follow this line. For listings of Psychologists, and Psychotherapists, please scroll down.Other
Jessica Macklin, MA, CADC I, LPC-ITelephone:(971) 221-2183
Offbeat TherapyFAX:
Portland, OR 97221E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.offbeattherapy.com/
Practice ScopeI believe that human nature in its many forms is always evolving and if we are able to harness and lean into this change and learn to grow in healthy ways we can become our best selves. I seek to build a positive therapeutic relationship with all my clients to better comprehend the problems that they may be dealing with in their lives and attempt to assist them in finding healthy resolutions. I use an eclectic approach so that I can meet each client where they are on their own personal path of life. I lean heavily on the cognitive-behavioral theory for its distinction between behaviors and thoughts and the narrative theory for its explanation of how we all use stories to interpret our lives. (License # 17-03-08, R4284)

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Dr. Roger D. Carlson, Ph.D, MDiv, CST, ACS, ABSTelephone:(503) 245-2929
Roger D. Carlson, Ph.D., PsychologistFAX:(503) 245-4478
1838 S.W. Jefferson St.
Portland, OR 97201E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.rogercarlsonphd.com
Practice ScopeI specialize in work with persons with adjustment difficulties, and who are experiencing stress and anxiety while making life transitions. I am particularly interested in working with those who have culturally unpopular or unsupported life styles or habits, and those who experience marginalization or disempowerment. Areas of treatment include: -Sexual adjustment and fulfillment -Gender and identity issues -Unpopular and culturally unsupported sexual lifestyles and transitions (transvestism, transgender) -Sexual conflict resolution -Overcoming sexual barriers and difficulties (premature ejaculation, ejaculatory inhibition, erectile dysfunction, problems concerning sexual desire and arousal) -Sexual Interests, attitudes, and values assessment (License # 1511)

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Chalaina Connors, MA, LPCTelephone:(503) 784-0226
Curative GrooveFAX:
5802 SE Powell Blvd., Suite 201
Portland, OR 97206E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Web: http://www.curativegroove.com
Practice ScopeI specialize in helping people have healthy relationships with themselves, others, and with substances. I work with people in the BDSM and electronic music communities, and especially with psychedelic substance users. I treat depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques. I also help people understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy/abusive relationships, and help them heal from previous abusive relationships. I utilize a psycho-education/harm reduction approach when helping people navigate a healthy relationship with substances, and can do integration work when people have had a difficult psychedelic experience(s). (License # OR - C2615)

Ms. Juanita Rinas, MA, PhD, LPCTelephone:
Springfield/Eugene, OR 97478E-mail:Inquire by e-mail
Practice ScopeTranspersonal or eclectic approach to best meet your needs. I work with folks from alternative lifestyles, and those that are marginalized by social norms. I am poly aware and kink friendly. I prefer individual counseling as opposed to family, or relationship counseling with all parties involved. However, if you do choose to engage in relationship therapy with me, you and your partners all must be working on your individual issues with your own therapist before I will agree to see you as a group. I can bill insurance, but prefer not to, and will offer a discount to those that pay cash or do their own insurance billing, also, for those that meet public assistance guidelines I will work with a sliding fee scale, with a minimum of $50.00 per billable hour, my typical rate is $128.00 per hour. I cannot accept medicare or OHP. (License # C1869)

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